CyberFutures 2022

Things that bring us joy

This movie is a combination of how all four of us found joy in completely different ways during lockdown.
We explored how technology was intertwined with our interests, self growth and friendships through this pandemic!
We also showed that the internet helped us be creative in ways we never expected!

Staying Connected

This video shows how during lockdown, the internet has allowed Down Syndrome Cork’s Field of Dreams to continue to engage with its students through using Zoom.

We have a range of programmes including Work Skills and Literacy & Technology. We were able to continue classes with our students 1, 2 and even 3 days a week. These classes were particularly important as many of our adults faced a reduction in other services, many lost employment and many missed out on much needed interaction with their friends as they had to stay safe at home. At first we were unsure how it would go. In the beginning it was new for all of us. Thankfully, with the commitment of our students (and their parents) it exceeded our expectations. Our students quickly became experts!

Being able to have classes with our students online was fantastic. As you can see in the video we all learned a lot, we all had fun and most importantly, we stayed connected.

The internet…my superhuman

With a bit of humour and probably a little too much sarcasm, this video explains how the internet has helped me get through the past year.

Seeing as most students spent the majority of the year participating in online classes, I thought it would be creative and suiting idea to deliver this video in the style of an online call.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

– Róisín

My Future

I chose to do this because for a long time I have wanted to get somewhere in life where I am going to be happy and my happiness won’t leave me even for a second. My dream job is to be a singer, and winning this competition will mean the WORLD to me, as it will get me started with buying equipment and tools that I need. Thank you so much for taking your dearest time to listen to my video and reading this.

Burnt Out

Online school is tiring.

my online animation

an animation made about online classes and online life

Only Reason I Could Meet Ya

I filmed the video on zoom to represent the song. Besides Netflix, the internet has been important to me this year because that is how I met my boyfriend. He has made a huge impact on my life and I decided to write this song to show appreciation for the internet (and him). The past year has been very difficult but at least the internet has been a tool to help us keep social contact and binge-watch Netflix!

It’s A Long Story (Not Really)

Did the internet help me this year? I would like to think so. Aside from connecting with people through social media, video games and other online platforms, I got to develop and learn new skills with the help of the internet.

This short, 2-minute video was made to inspire those who also have an interest in doing something fun, exciting and creative with the use of a camera! Honestly, it was a blast. My friend and I got to experience what it was like to write a script, set up equipment and act on camera (to the best of our abilities).

So without having tutorials to look up, or helpful blog posts to read, we probably wouldn’t have been able to produce this kind of video. At the end of the day, there’s always room for improvement and more knowledge to gain, so I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching.

Lockdown through the eyes of the internet

The question asked was how has the internet helped us in the past year? Well, it helped a while Lot! We really couldn’t imagine getting through this past year without it! How lucky are we to have the world at our finger tips with the internet giving us Everything we need from box sets to banana bread, Zumba to zoom partys and everything in between.
Our video is a funny teenagers view of many of these lockdown cliches. Enjoy, stay safe & Thank you for watching 👩‍💻

The Internet Therapist

From learning at home to calling your friends, the internet has made a huge impact to our lives during this pandemic. Join “The Internet Therapist” as he outlines the ways in which the online world has helped us all through this past year.

Your session starts now…….

Internet connection

This video is mine and my friend Maeve’s attempt at trying to portray the online games we have been playing together to help us through the past year.
Credit to C418 for his Minecraft background music used in scene 3.

The internet and me.

The internet and me. My life during this past year.

This is my story on how the internet changed me

I’m going to talk bout how the internet had changed me this year, like how it made me connect more with people. I also learned new skills like learning to play instruments. The internet helped me communicate more

My Day The New Digital Way!

Twelve months ago we got up, we went to school, had after school activities and visited our grandparents in their homes. That was normal as we knew it then.

Life dramatically changed for everyone across the world and in our homemade video we depict these changes.

The classroom turned into a zoom room, group activities were held through a laptop. The simple visit for a cuppa with our grandparents became a whole new experience for us and for them.

The internet became our communicator, our educator, our social outlet and our link to the outside world. Our lives now revolve around a digital way every day.

We hope you enjoy our production!

2 ways the internet was very useful last year

How the internet was very useful during the pandemic