CyberFutures 2022

Web Wisdom

The Internet, or the web, can be hard to exit once in the grasp of it’s many roads. My posters aim is to highlight the “stickiness” of the web. It is like a spiders web and we are like the flies, always struggling to get out of it’s grasp… Be aware!

The Internet means everything.

I love the internet.

Feeling Safe on the Net.

I enjoy chilling out on the internet and chatting with my friends. Chatting with my friends makes me feel warm and cosy, like my hot water bottle.

I made this at the youth centre for our internet safety project.

My world at my fingertips

My world at my fingertips.

Caoimhe McComb

What the internet means to see.

My Public Diary

All look into how I organise myself

Connecting Us

This poster is by Niamh McCorry, a first Yr student of Loreto College, Cavan.

Universal Box

This poster was completed by Laura Wei, a first year student in Loreto College, Cavan


For me, the internet means sharing.

Powerful needing power.

The Internet is part of my life. I use it at home and in school. At home I chat to my friends, buy stuff, do projects, share photos, watch videos and listen to music. In the future I’ll probably use it to shop, bank and book holidays.
In my picture the power button is important. We need a charged battery to use the internet.

Hipster Cat Skateboarding!!!

Skateboarding is one of my favourite hobbies and I enjoy making videos of different skateboarding tricks and sharing them with the internet community!

Too many followers??????

THINK you don’t have enough followers, think again! Would you like to be followed by that many people –┬áneither would I! My inspiration came to me when my friends were talking about having lots of followers, when I then thought what would it be like to have all these people following me in real-life!! Imagine!

Clara Costea All Around the World

Clara is a 1st year student in Loreto College Cavan. She is from Romania and the internet means that she can connect with friends and family all around the world.

Knowledge in the palm of your hand

Tamzin Cahill: was thinking of ideas for her poster when her brother walked into the room with a mobile phone in his hand. This gave her the idea for her poster.
Tamzin is a 1st year student in Loreto College, Cavan

Newton’s First Law

Who never visited our own profiles in social medias to see what we published 3 years ago and don’t be ashamed? Or passed for the shame of someone of our family post a photo from the worst fase in your life, but is to late to ask to delete because one of your friends already have the picture saved? Those are examples of uncomfortable situations on internet that we can’t scape. What we publish there will be on the internet forever. But there are situations more grave and are those ones that we want to avoid. I am 17 and this period of our life the internet is always in our life. We have to learn to use it as a healthy and safe way, conscious that what we put on internet will be disponible to everybody in the world, so we have to be really sure about what we publish. For who is starting to enter in the internet world now: the internet is wonderful, but you have to know how to use it for don’t regret after.