CyberFutures 2022

Things that bring us joy

This movie is a combination of how all four of us found joy in completely different ways during lockdown.
We explored how technology was intertwined with our interests, self growth and friendships through this pandemic!
We also showed that the internet helped us be creative in ways we never expected!

Stuck In The Web

‘Stuck In The Web’ is a journey of self-discovery.

It’s a story where three teens each experience one special power in a world that has endless access to information and communication. They realise how human special powers can make life online better.

This project was initiated when YMCA Ireland’s Advocacy & Youth Information service issued an open invitation to its Cork/ West Cork network to participate in a design thinking session, during Easter school break, that asked the question: ‘What would make life online better?’.

The influence behind the influencers

Young people’s online landscapes are becoming increasingly dominated by influencers.
Can we trust influencers or should we look to see the influence behind the influencers?
And what roles do we play when it comes to who influences who?

Be Real-GetTheProperDeal

Password Control. How can you trust people online? Click and watch the story of how one person’s possessions were accessed by ONE bad link. Remember only accept requests from people you know and be Webwise before following any page, link or website.

Lost Online

With huge development in technology in the recent years also comes advanced online communication which has become an integral part of most peoples lives. This can sometimes become dangerous if you are not careful online. This skit shows what could possibly happen if you are not careful and how to stay safe online. Made by Paul Koperowicz and Oran V. Harrington.

This is what we’re missing

In this video, we talk about how we tend to abuse the use of technology and use it for the bad rather than the good. We then decided to make up two scenarios where two people meet each other on the street and we then showed the difference between being on our phones and not being on our phones.

F.O.M.O (The Fear Of Missing Out)

A commentary on the over use of technology in modern day society. F.O.M.O. is a real thing!! Ireland has the highest suicide rate of teenagers in Europe. F.O.M.O is a constant anxiety that we could do without.

Definition of F.O.M.O – Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

I have made a conscious decision to step away from technology and have started exercise more and to engage with nature more and I am feeling the benefits of doing so. I encourage you to do the same.

With thanks to Matthew Broderick/Ferris bueller and John Hughes


Our video is based on Access. We had a discussion about the internet and the common theme arising was access issues. Some pupils have huge trouble accessing the internet due to poor broadband. It takes a very long time to load pages and it’s next to impossible to load information that would benefit project work. Some cannot use mobile data on their mobile phones as they cannot afford the credit. Sometimes in school we use You Tube to access educational videos however the BBC sites are blocked. Age restrictions has also limited access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Pupils cannot access apps for their IPads, tablets, Pcs and phones as these require a credit account. Therefore pupils cannot purchase apps.
We hope you enjoy our video on Access Denied!

For The Future Creators

Creating original content is a positive. One schools, teachers and parents can see here. Why don’t we have more programmes in schools which show students how to use their devices in an empowering way? Policies need to be put in place to allow students to create deep and meaningful material.

What’s Your Story? 2016

Competition launch video for 2016.

‘Embrace the Yellow’ : 2015 Video Entry

This is a video about posting, liking, sharing and commenting on things you see online. It was created by the children in the ASD Unit at Carrigaline Educate Together National School as part of their work on good Digital Citizenship. The video shows two dilemmas where a child has to make a decision. They have two choices; a good one (Yellow Minion) and a not so good one (Purple Minion).