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Staying Connected

This video shows how during lockdown, the internet has allowed Down Syndrome Cork’s Field of Dreams to continue to engage with its students through using Zoom.

We have a range of programmes including Work Skills and Literacy & Technology. We were able to continue classes with our students 1, 2 and even 3 days a week. These classes were particularly important as many of our adults faced a reduction in other services, many lost employment and many missed out on much needed interaction with their friends as they had to stay safe at home. At first we were unsure how it would go. In the beginning it was new for all of us. Thankfully, with the commitment of our students (and their parents) it exceeded our expectations. Our students quickly became experts!

Being able to have classes with our students online was fantastic. As you can see in the video we all learned a lot, we all had fun and most importantly, we stayed connected.

The Internet Therapist

From learning at home to calling your friends, the internet has made a huge impact to our lives during this pandemic. Join “The Internet Therapist” as he outlines the ways in which the online world has helped us all through this past year.

Your session starts now…….

Let me entertain you!

Kelly uses her comedic skills combined with technology, to deliver an entertaining lockdown video

A Life Less Ordinary…

The internet and technology helped me get through the last year, not only through home schooling, but when my Uncle set me challenges to create fun trailers out of everyday boring topics.
I hope you enjoy a taster of just a couple of ones I have made!!!

The internet and me.

The internet and me. My life during this past year.

This is my story on how the internet changed me

I’m going to talk bout how the internet had changed me this year, like how it made me connect more with people. I also learned new skills like learning to play instruments. The internet helped me communicate more

SPIRAL – a film by Muireann Ní Loingsigh

I wrote this poem, if you can even call it a poem, thinking of how we came together as humans last year in spite of the struggle of the pandemic. The whole world started to acknowledge it’s problems, and fight for them. It was terrifying, yet beautiful and it is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

The Power of Podcasting-Connecting the world 🌍

Without a shadow of a doubt, the internet has helped me get through by giving me a space to create, a place to explore and space to share.

In my entry I describe and show how, through creating my podcast and seeing the amazing response it has recieved over the past year from creating “positivity posters” from delighted listeners to selling out Merchandise, the overwhelming amount of support for the show has helped me get thought this past year as it reminded me, even during national lockdowns and global pandemics – Theres always a silver lining to be found.

Sensory Stage Stars – Our lockdown story

How children with autism dealt with online schooling

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If the Internet was to disappear life would still go on!

Moving Forward

GROUP ENTRY: When Dramarama asked it’s students, this years question:

IF THE INTERNET DISAPPEARED TODAY, WHAT WOULD YOUR LIFE BE LIKE? They immediately saw the positives and negatives of having no internet. They decided to feature in their own TV News Programme. We hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun making it!

What Would Life be Like?

GROUP ENTRY: What would life be like, if the internet disappeared – would be all freak out or would we live in fear? This video explores what would would life be like if the internet disappeared, maybe we would be less distracted but we might be bored watching the clock go Tic – Toc!

This video was created with the Young People of the Junior Rap Crew, run by Youth Work Ireland Cork. This group meets weekly at The Hut in Gurranabraher, the northside of Cork City. The group is facilitated by Garry McCarthy & Youth Worker Joe Curtin. The group is supported by Cork ETB Youth Services & Music Generation Cork City. Most importantly, the stars of the video are Jade, April, Alesha, Darren, Killian, Tammy, Anthony, Cohen & Rebecca.

The “App-pocalypse

A video showing how much more difficult life today would be without the internet. For example, using a carrier pigeon instead of twitter, or using a camcorder to record a video, but then having nowhere to upload it to