CyberFutures 2022

Staying in touch while staying apart

I was asked the question “how has the Internet helped you get through this past year” which got me thinking about how I wouldn’t have been able to talk to my friends or family, or how I wouldn’t have been able to continue my education.

This lead onto me thinking about how the Internet benefitted those who were fortunate enough to have access to the Internet during such times, and how without it we wouldn’t have been able to check up on each other or keep up to date with each others lives thanks to social media.

My video is about my personal experience with how the Internet helped me over the past year and how I think it could have benefitted others during such times.

Thank you for your support! Stay well 🙂

Welcome to the real world

This video is a two minute video I have made based on the question “what would life be like if the internet didn’t exist”. I had so much fun making this video with my friends and during this we actually managed to avoid using the internet all together. Which was strange seems from the age of 12 I have used the internet nearly every day, I also go to a school that uses technology so this was a great experience as I love being able to enter the real world and get away from this world online that enhances you to be someone your not. Nobody posts about their failures which makes the internet seem so unrealistic. I think it is important for everyone to take a step back, appreciate not only your family and friends but also your surroundings. Let go and live a little, appreciate life and enjoy the time you have. In this film I talk about exactly what activities you can do without the internet and what it’s like to experience the real world.

Alone with Me

This film, is a story about how uncertain our lives would be if the internet disappeared. As a society, we rely on the internet to fill our daily habits which is what I tried to capture in this video.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Thank you to Naomi Keogh for acting in this for me.

Writer/Director: Hannah Whelan
Actor: Naomi Keogh

Without the internet you’d

In this film I talk about things that you’d do without the internet. Starting each sentence with “without the internet you’d”

Without internet, by a Diabetic musician

Trying to become a musician and also living with diabetes. these are two sides to internet culture that will most likely be overlooked, will its disappearance be a pro or a con?

Positivity only, please

Katri wishes that the internet would only be positive, but when her wish comes true she realises the true effects that it has on society

The Super Banner!

My son Jake explains about his Super Power ability to make the Internet a better place for kids.

Unnecessary numbers

We grow up wanting likes,comments and followers and then we forget to post what we love but instead what we think others will like.

I chose to make a song not because I think I am a good singer but because music brings me joy and so the numbers don’t matter.

The images and sound effect are not copyrighted

Teaching the basics – who & what to trust online!

Our video was made by all the students of 4th class in Scoil Mhuire GNS Lucan. Our video focuses on 2 answers to the “who can you trust online?” question and 2 answers to the “what can you trust online?” question. We used a classroom scene to ensure the message was clear and that all age groups would understand the message. We hope you enjoy the video and that you enjoy being safe while online 🙂


Going online can be SCARY! Lots of weirdos out there just want your information, your money… or worse.
This funny video warns us of the online dangers out there!

What the Internet Means to me.

These are all the ways I use the internet (plus a few more)

What Does The Internet Mean To You?

A catchy music video telling what the Internet means to two teenage students.

Don’t let the internet corrupt your world.

Our poster is made from a collage of magazine cuttings to represent the brain. This image symbolises how the internet has become part of our everyday world and the importance of safe use so it can not corrupt our lives.

Over the other side is unknown

In this video, I tried bringing the message that “you don’t know what the person on the other end is actually doing”. When your friend says, “I’m fine,” but in reality he or she might be crying.. Sometimes the messages we receive from others through social media aren’t what they look like..

This story was inspired by the difficulty I’ve faced when I found out that my best friend fell into depression

The Playbook; A Guide to Internet Safety

A short guide on how to be safe and responsible on the internet through the two safety tips we thought to be most important. Please enjoy.