CyberFutures 2022

My Future

I chose to do this because for a long time I have wanted to get somewhere in life where I am going to be happy and my happiness won’t leave me even for a second. My dream job is to be a singer, and winning this competition will mean the WORLD to me, as it will get me started with buying equipment and tools that I need. Thank you so much for taking your dearest time to listen to my video and reading this.

my online animation

an animation made about online classes and online life

Unrealistic Expectations

This is our entry for what’s your story 2019.

Our video is based on the negative effect influencers can have on people. They often show unrealistic expectations that can be harmful.

If we had one superpower it would be the ability to not have people influenced in the wrong way online.

Thank you,
Maia and Gráinne

Make memories with friends, not phones!

My video highlights one of the greater aspects that is not really drawn to our attention when we think about our digital lives. This aspect is the fact that we are so immersed in our phones and technology that we don’t view the beautiful world around us. My title “Make memories with friends, not phones” is to help people realise that if you take a picture of an event or person you meet or see this is not as good as immersing yourself in the event in that particular time! We should spend the precious time we have with those we love experiencing the big adventures and enjoying the little ones, not with our head stuck in a screen trying to depict the life we wish we had through pictures and comments. We can create that perfect life of happiness and adventure if we only look up from our screens every now and again……….

What the Internet means to Me.

This project was made using Scratch. It is a short animation on what the internet means to me and many others my age. I currently attend my local CoderDojo and I’m so lucky that these classes and our teachers have taught me so much about programming.

My world at my fingertips

My world at my fingertips.

Caoimhe McComb

What the internet means to see.

My Public Diary

All look into how I organise myself

‘Join the Internet, it keeps us connected’ : 2015 Poster Winner

This piece of artwork is about how wonderful the internet is for keeping us connected with everyone all over the world. With so many of our friends and family now living abroad, it would be impossible for us to stay in contact without the internet, so my message to anyone using the internet for the first time is to stay connect
Coláiste Chú Chulainn, Dundalk, Co. Louth