CyberFutures 2022

2 ways the internet was very useful last year

How the internet was very useful during the pandemic

Has the internet helped me? (Probably not)

We were forced into lockdown by the government and I wanted to show you how I have spent my time and the amazing life i have created. This movie will show you a day in my life and all the adventures I get up to using the internet as my source of entertainment.
I hope you enjoy what i have created as much as I have enjoyed making it.

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No Internet~Expectations vs reality

This video is about no internet exceptions vs reality 🙃

Where’s The Wifi Gone ?

Where’s our Wifi Gone I think We lost It

Granny WiFi Drama!

What happens when the elderly finally embrace the internet and for it to suddenly fail!

No Bars!

This video show teenagers who are accustomed to using the internet daily. This video shows what our lives would be like without the internet. Just imagine – no social media, no Google, no Google translate or Safari! When you think you can use YouTube, think again, because, that also needs internet. Imagine having to talk to people, getting to know your neighbours, if you’re really stuck. So life without internet would be very different maybe even better in some ways.

Depression Session

Group Name- Potatoes in the Ground
Coming to terms with no WiFi
Children have become so used to using online resources to entertain themselves that it takes time to adjust when those resources are not available.

Hospital Life with no WiFi

What happens to teenagers when they are in hospital with no Wifi?

WiFi -magedan…….

Depicts a horror when the internet goes down and show how we cope.

You don’t need a phone to have fun

Life without the internet affects our daily life. Two girls who haven’t ever had a phone compare their lives to those who have had phones.

Made a Mistake ?Use the internet filter

Our clip is about a young girl who was doing a modeling show ,while she was strutting her stuff she fell in front of the crowd and everyone in the audience started taking pictures of her and sending the pictures all over social media ,all she wants is for all those embarrassing pictures to be gone so she can get on with her life ……………….Well the superheroes are here to save the day ,Orla and Sophie have an amazing app called the internet filter it erases everything that would be inappropriate or offensive to others offline !

Take Control, Don’t Follow the Troll!

The children in Ms Feeley’s 5th Class, Kilkenny discussed their digital lives. They were unanimous in their fear of having material online that made them feel bad about themselves. Based on their fears they created this video which depicts an experience common to many young people. The lesson they took from this project was that there should be a code of conduct around all aspects of social media. The students are now much more aware of the respect that should be given and received in their cyber world and they feel that their digital lives will be improved as a result.
We hope you enjoy our video.

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What the Internet means to me

The Internet is great, but can also be a problem

Newton’s First Law

Who never visited our own profiles in social medias to see what we published 3 years ago and don’t be ashamed? Or passed for the shame of someone of our family post a photo from the worst fase in your life, but is to late to ask to delete because one of your friends already have the picture saved? Those are examples of uncomfortable situations on internet that we can’t scape. What we publish there will be on the internet forever. But there are situations more grave and are those ones that we want to avoid. I am 17 and this period of our life the internet is always in our life. We have to learn to use it as a healthy and safe way, conscious that what we put on internet will be disponible to everybody in the world, so we have to be really sure about what we publish. For who is starting to enter in the internet world now: the internet is wonderful, but you have to know how to use it for don’t regret after.

‘Action and Consequence’ : 2015 Poster Winner

I am 17 years old and, like everybody the same age as me, I have all the social medias and I am always connected to the internet. Constantly I notice that some of us of our age don’t realise how the digital world affects in our day by day as an uncontrolled addiction through social networks, precluding the use of real life, or as publishing things related to others. This idea was to call attention to how we already use the internet, showing that what you do in the digital world affects you or/and others in the real world and to advise others that are starting to use the internet to be careful. The digital world is not a world apart, but, unfortunately, most of the time, it is our whole world.