CyberFutures 2022

Smartphone Addiction.

Nomophobia is the fear of being without your smartphone which affects 40% of the population.

In today’s world the majority of people (mainly adolescents) base their worth and popularity on the number of likes/followers they get on social media. This is destroying our mindset and reality because our worth, or popularity, isn’t reflected based on numbers!

If we are constantly glued to our phones to constantly check our ‘social status’ then we miss out on social interactions in the physical world. My voice is my power and I’ll use it to encourage people to have a digital detox every so often in their lives.

The Many Faces Of Strangers And The Web

The internet is a fun yet scary place both at once. It’s great to communicate with friends, and keep up to date with news and gossip aslong as it’s used in the right way and to a certain extinct. But it’s also scary because of all the dangers that comes with it such as online predators, hackers, identity thieves and privacy problems. Learn how to keep safe and avoid these in this short and clear 2 minute video.