CyberFutures 2022

My Day The New Digital Way!

Twelve months ago we got up, we went to school, had after school activities and visited our grandparents in their homes. That was normal as we knew it then.

Life dramatically changed for everyone across the world and in our homemade video we depict these changes.

The classroom turned into a zoom room, group activities were held through a laptop. The simple visit for a cuppa with our grandparents became a whole new experience for us and for them.

The internet became our communicator, our educator, our social outlet and our link to the outside world. Our lives now revolve around a digital way every day.

We hope you enjoy our production!

Connect to Every Path of Life

Mr Octopus shows a step by step guide on how to browse the internet safely.

Many Hands

I decided to enter in this competition because I use the internet and I often help members of my family use it. The title is ‘Many Hands’ because of the saying many hands make light work. I included logos and names of commonly used social media apps by using tattoos, friendship bracelets, rings, henna and even the use of veins cleverly featuring them. my use of background colours is to show that the internet can be a safe, dangerous, pure, relaxing, energetic etc place.

A helping hand.

The internet can be a massive jungle,full of sites,and combinations which are hard to understand,at first.Dealing with it on our own can lead to terrible confusion and might aswell put one off it altogether.It’s a beautifully dangerous place.That’s why,we should always ask for help.It doesn’t hurt.And nobody will laugh,if you’re not sure how to write an email,nobody is born an instant genius!Better do it now,than when it’s too late.