CyberFutures 2022

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Password Control. How can you trust people online? Click and watch the story of how one person’s possessions were accessed by ONE bad link. Remember only accept requests from people you know and be Webwise before following any page, link or website.

Cyber Change

When we think about the negatives of social media one of the first things that come to mind is cyber bulling. We’ve seen first-hand how cyber bulling can affect victims & how it can impact on their mental health. We feel like this is a huge issue that is affecting young people worldwide & will be disastrous if not resolved.
We entered a website on mental health for the eir junior spider awards. We already had a basic knowledge of the mental health of young people & we felt like we could link this video into the work we’ve already done. Teenage suicide rates are on the rise, relating to a rise in bullying online.
Cyber bulling is a particularly nasty form of bulling as it is not face to face. This makes victims feel more isolated. We feel like the solution to this problem is creating support networks for victims & making them comfortable with reporting the harassment they get online.
Emma & Kara