CyberFutures 2022

No Internet~Expectations vs reality

This video is about no internet exceptions vs reality 🙃

Granny WiFi Drama!

What happens when the elderly finally embrace the internet and for it to suddenly fail!

No Bars!

This video show teenagers who are accustomed to using the internet daily. This video shows what our lives would be like without the internet. Just imagine – no social media, no Google, no Google translate or Safari! When you think you can use YouTube, think again, because, that also needs internet. Imagine having to talk to people, getting to know your neighbours, if you’re really stuck. So life without internet would be very different maybe even better in some ways.

Depression Session

Group Name- Potatoes in the Ground
Coming to terms with no WiFi
Children have become so used to using online resources to entertain themselves that it takes time to adjust when those resources are not available.

Hospital Life with no WiFi

What happens to teenagers when they are in hospital with no Wifi?

WiFi -magedan…….

Depicts a horror when the internet goes down and show how we cope.

You don’t need a phone to have fun

Life without the internet affects our daily life. Two girls who haven’t ever had a phone compare their lives to those who have had phones.

What’s your internet super power? Vox pop

We asked random people in our school
What their special power would be !

Don’t let influencers influence you!

We want influencer to not have nay power over us.