CyberFutures 2022

Helpful Hints

In this video a girl has just gotten a brand new smartphone and her friends give her some tips on how to use it responsibly. Listen carefully to them as they are really useful! The girl also shows that sometimes we use technology too much and that we still need to go outside and get some exercise. It’s good to have fun online but remember – be responsible!

Comment Care

In this video a boy is setting up an Instagram account for the first time. We see him doing some positive and negative things as he does this. Then we see him post a comment on someone else’s photo and our “Detectives” come out. We are then told that once something goes up online it is out of our control and will be around forever (e.g. through screenshots even if the original post is deleted). This is something we think is important for someone new to the internet should know. Be safe and have fun!

Do’s and Don’t of Internet Safety (For Beginners!)

Our poster shows a computer (complete with a bottle-top keyboard!) which has a screen split in two. On the left-hand side a girl talks about the “Do’s” of internet safety for beginners e.g. ask permission, make a hard password etc. On the right hand-side a boy lists some of the “Don’ts” of internet safety e.g. adding people you don’t know, giving out personal information etc. We hope these simple facts would help someone starting out online for the first time to do so safely and carefully.

Simple Tips

This poster shows a tablet screen complete with application icons. From each icon an arrow points to a tip for a new user which will help them (or advise them) about how to use this app. These are some of our favourite apps and also some of the tips we’ve learned from each other, our teachers in school and at home. We hope you enjoy it!