CyberFutures 2022

Pop-up Trap

Rory was not pleased with the web for having pop-ups!! This is something people should be wary of when using the internet for the first time.

Fun on the Net

Everyone should use the internet because it allows you to play fun games.

Connecting the Old with the New

This poster shows how younger generations can also connect with older generations using the internet. In the poster a son video chats with his father on Skype. Everyone can now talk online from across the world and it is important that we teach all generations how great using the internet can be.

It’s Never too Late too Learn

Two old friends meet one day and discuss the many uses of the internet. Oisín has never used the internet before and his friend Ruairí who is also new to it explains to Oisín what the internet is. Ruairí tells Oisín of its great uses in that he can watch movies and text people around the world on his phone using the internet. Oisín is fascinated and realises that it is never too late to learn how to do new things when you have the help of your friends.

Rumour Girl

Rumour Girl is a mystery blogger who has been blogging about students online. A boy and a girl who are best friends try to figure out who she is and stop her cyberbullying across the school. When using the internet for the first time it is important that you stay safe online, know who you are talking to and report any cases of cyberbullying to someone you trust.