CyberFutures 2022

Be Sensible Online

Have you ever clicked on a dodgy link before? Maybe it sent you to a website selling stuff that no-one wants or needs… Or maybe, like this girl, you’ve had your computer and all its files ruined. The virus ‘ROMBERTIK’ is real, although there is a small bit of controversy over whether or not it can do this kind of thing. I myself have clicked on things like that before, but maybe I wouldn’t have if someone had shown me a video like this…

I scripted and coded this all by myself, using ‘Scratch’. I learned about the competition through ‘CoderDojo’, a coding class that I go to, which I really enjoy. I had a great time making this video , and I hope you have a great time watching it!!

‘Embrace the Yellow’ : 2015 Video Entry

This is a video about posting, liking, sharing and commenting on things you see online. It was created by the children in the ASD Unit at Carrigaline Educate Together National School as part of their work on good Digital Citizenship. The video shows two dilemmas where a child has to make a decision. They have two choices; a good one (Yellow Minion) and a not so good one (Purple Minion).

Internet for All – including Granny! 2015 Video Entry

This video provides information for someone using the Internet for the first time. It’s so easy, even Granny can follow it!!

The World is in the Internet

The internet is a wonderful research too and source of entertainment too, but remember to use it wisely! And stay safe.

Social Media

I designed this poster to remind people to use Social Media sensibly. There are only a few simple steps to follow.

‘INTERWEB COUNTDOWN’ : 2015 Video Winner

Our top 5 tips for staying safe online.


I want this poster to let people know that safety comes first when using social media.

What Goes Online Stays Online

It’s important to let someone using the internet for the first time know that any information or pictures you post online stay online.

Always Ask First!

It’s important to always ask permission before purchasing any new apps or game. It’s also very important to ask for a parent or guardian’s permission before entering any online competitions.

Stay Safe, Play Safe

For anyone using the internet for the first time, it’s important to know how to stay safe online. Here are a few tips!

You’ve won a prize!

We wanted to remind people that sometimes the internet can promise you lots of things that might not always be true! Think of reality, be safe.

Be Safe, Be Smart

This poster lets people know that once they remember to be safe and smart online, that the internet can be a lot of fun.

Safety on Skype

This poster helps people to learn how to use Skype safely.

Keep Calm and Be Safe on the Internet

This poster reminds people to keep calm and be safe online.

Safety for Online Games

Kids and adults who are using the internet for the first time should remember the words on this poster to help to keep you safe online.