CyberFutures 2022

Unrealistic Expectations

This is our entry for what’s your story 2019.

Our video is based on the negative effect influencers can have on people. They often show unrealistic expectations that can be harmful.

If we had one superpower it would be the ability to not have people influenced in the wrong way online.

Thank you,
Maia and Gráinne


This film is about a girl called Orla who is addicted to her phone. We want to show you and Orla that life is better without your phone. Nomophobia is a phobia of being out of contact of your phone.

My world at my fingertips

My world at my fingertips.

Caoimhe McComb

What the internet means to see.

My Public Diary

All look into how I organise myself

Connecting Us

This poster is by Niamh McCorry, a first Yr student of Loreto College, Cavan.

Universal Box

This poster was completed by Laura Wei, a first year student in Loreto College, Cavan

Clara Costea All Around the World

Clara is a 1st year student in Loreto College Cavan. She is from Romania and the internet means that she can connect with friends and family all around the world.

Knowledge in the palm of your hand

Tamzin Cahill: was thinking of ideas for her poster when her brother walked into the room with a mobile phone in his hand. This gave her the idea for her poster.
Tamzin is a 1st year student in Loreto College, Cavan

‘How to be safe on the internet’: 2015 School Award Winner

i made this video to teach people how to be safe on the internet.

The Internet is Quitting

We wanted to show how much we love the internet in our lives. We used the white boards so that we could each give our individual thoughts and we added the rap because it was fun. We found our music and our morse code on the internet. We enjoyed working as a team to make this video (under pressure!).

Part Of The World

Overall School Winner 2014: My poster depicts Princess Ariel as a user of social media. She can be ‘Part Of The World’ as she is connected to everyone through the Internet.