CyberFutures 2022

The Internet Therapist

From learning at home to calling your friends, the internet has made a huge impact to our lives during this pandemic. Join “The Internet Therapist” as he outlines the ways in which the online world has helped us all through this past year.

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SPIRAL – a film by Muireann NĂ­ Loingsigh

I wrote this poem, if you can even call it a poem, thinking of how we came together as humans last year in spite of the struggle of the pandemic. The whole world started to acknowledge it’s problems, and fight for them. It was terrifying, yet beautiful and it is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

I’m not who you think

If we could have one superpower online, we would stop false accounts from accessing other accounts of young online yousers who are more vulnerable to talk to strangers.Credits: copyright music courtesy of this video was made with and edited with @videoshop app we would like to thank everyone for watching and hope you all are aware of these dangers online. This video was made by Rebkah and Isabel

How we got rid of our virus

If we had one super power online it would be how to get rid of a virus, it is important you are safe and controlling of what you do online. The creators of this video are Molly Histon, Amy Meacle, Jack O Shea, Rebecca Flynn and Sean O keefe
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It Always Starts Small

“It Always Starts Small” is a short film about the danger of a friend request. If you do not know the person you may run into problems. You may think who you are seeing online is harmless and only wants to talk to you, but if they are not who they say they are, things can develop and you may be in danger. What is the best way to know who and what you can trust online? You can be careful and selective with who you choose to interact with, use the privacy settings available to you on all of your social media accounts, understand the tools available to protect yourself like blocking, reporting inappropriate behavior or content you do not want to see. And finally you can stay in control! If you have met someone online and are uncomfortable for any reason you should tell an adult you trust or depending on how serious it is maybe the police.


Learn how to protect yourself online as well as some shocking statistics about hacking. Don’t forget it’s important to take a break from technology and go outside to destress and just breathe.

This is what we’re missing

In this video, we talk about how we tend to abuse the use of technology and use it for the bad rather than the good. We then decided to make up two scenarios where two people meet each other on the street and we then showed the difference between being on our phones and not being on our phones.

Bill’s Obsession With Social Media

Bill has become obsessed with social media. He does not realise he has a problem so his worried friend Sam steps in to give him advice and some facts.

The identity thief

Our video is about Jeff, Jeff was carefree with what he did online and left his accounts open for anyone to see. In this video we show the consequences and the possibilities that this can lead to and give tips on how it can be prevented.

Another day Another dollar

our video is about how we would like high quality phones for cheap prices to keep everyone connected

21st century addiction

I am a transition year student in cobh and I have created a video on how technology is over used in today’s life. My video is based on cutting out technology and going on a digital diet as too much social media is bad for our mental health. Thanks for watching please rate and comment hope you enjoy the video.


The video is about getting off your social media and well technology in general. So many people are wasting their time on their phones and trying to capture moments rather than living the moment and enjoying what’s happening in the now and not the future. Too many people are wasting time hoping for the hundreds of likes on their “recent insta ” and “profiler” on Facebook .Khalid and I put logged off for the month of march just to see how much of a difference it would make, in the above is what we captured. Well yeah, you might call us Hippocrates as our whole idea was to stop using the phone and yet we did but that was only for the video purposes and in our opinion the best thing ever no more stressing over nothing. We feel others should try what we accomplished and they will to agree with what we said when you get the immense feeling of joy when with your friends and not one phone in sight , where everybody is interacting with each other rather than being in the phone.

Power off

This silent short is quite funny and humorous. What are people like who are stuck into their phone? They miss experiences. They put themselves in danger. Some situations are funny – but there is a much deeper message here. Be aware of the use of your phone, Don’t always use your phone, Enjoy our video!

Cyber Change

When we think about the negatives of social media one of the first things that come to mind is cyber bulling. We’ve seen first-hand how cyber bulling can affect victims & how it can impact on their mental health. We feel like this is a huge issue that is affecting young people worldwide & will be disastrous if not resolved.
We entered a website on mental health for the eir junior spider awards. We already had a basic knowledge of the mental health of young people & we felt like we could link this video into the work we’ve already done. Teenage suicide rates are on the rise, relating to a rise in bullying online.
Cyber bulling is a particularly nasty form of bulling as it is not face to face. This makes victims feel more isolated. We feel like the solution to this problem is creating support networks for victims & making them comfortable with reporting the harassment they get online.
Emma & Kara

For The Future Creators

Creating original content is a positive. One schools, teachers and parents can see here. Why don’t we have more programmes in schools which show students how to use their devices in an empowering way? Policies need to be put in place to allow students to create deep and meaningful material.