CyberFutures 2022

This is my story on how the internet changed me

I’m going to talk bout how the internet had changed me this year, like how it made me connect more with people. I also learned new skills like learning to play instruments. The internet helped me communicate more

The “App-pocalypse

A video showing how much more difficult life today would be without the internet. For example, using a carrier pigeon instead of twitter, or using a camcorder to record a video, but then having nowhere to upload it to

Back to the Past

Teens realise they can survive without internet.

A group of people walking down a pathway and taking pictures. One girl tries to post a picture of the group and it doesn’t upload and they realise they have no internet. They go out of their minds because they’re not used to the lifestyle and start having mental breakdowns because all of the things they are used to get wiped away. A phone manages to ring in the distance. They were surprised as it was the only phone that still has internet, so they crowd around it. They drop it and walk away, realising they can live without the internet after all.