CyberFutures 2022

My Future

I chose to do this because for a long time I have wanted to get somewhere in life where I am going to be happy and my happiness won’t leave me even for a second. My dream job is to be a singer, and winning this competition will mean the WORLD to me, as it will get me started with buying equipment and tools that I need. Thank you so much for taking your dearest time to listen to my video and reading this.

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If the Internet was to disappear life would still go on!

The internet – with or without limits?

Is the internet a good or bad thing?
Would we be better off without this tool?
What would our lives really feel like without having this powerful invention?
In this world, today living without the internet seems almost impossible. In this entry, I try to challenge these questions and give an insight into this concept, hoping to give an outlook to others about both the limits and limitations the internet can offer by sharing my story and diving into whether it really is a space for expanding the limits of one’s potential or if it is just confining us, people, to spending our days behind a screen.

Stuck In The Web

‘Stuck In The Web’ is a journey of self-discovery.

It’s a story where three teens each experience one special power in a world that has endless access to information and communication. They realise how human special powers can make life online better.

This project was initiated when YMCA Ireland’s Advocacy & Youth Information service issued an open invitation to its Cork/ West Cork network to participate in a design thinking session, during Easter school break, that asked the question: ‘What would make life online better?’.

Lala Lumberjack

When a video game character from the eighties is introduced to the internet, she does her part in making it a better place.

Who and what to trust

Hello today i will be showing you who and what sites to trust i hope you enjoy

What’s Your Story Promo video 1 min

What’s Your Story Promo video 1 min

Our Digital World

When we were asked What one thing we would change in our Digital life ? It got us thinking about Our Digital World ! What is Our Digital World and How can you be a Digital Citizen and be informed about Digital Literacy .
Here in Rockboro Primary school , 4th class students put together this video to explain how they have begun to learn about their Digital World for years to come.
Learn how to the Earn your Digital Citizen Badge 2017.
Please watch our Video to find out more about Our Digital World.
Enjoy =^.^=

The Out-ernet

The internet is a powerful tool. In this film we take a satirical look at how people see the internet against the realities of how people over use it.

What the Internet means to Me.

This project was made using Scratch. It is a short animation on what the internet means to me and many others my age. I currently attend my local CoderDojo and I’m so lucky that these classes and our teachers have taught me so much about programming.

What The Internet Means To Me

This is a short animation about what the internet means to me.

Education ,Entertainment and Information!

The 5th class pupils from Rockboro Primary school have decided that Education , Entertainment and Information are the top 3 most important things we can access from the Internet.
Hope you enjoy our Video !!!!

Breaking News Live on the Internet !

Our Entry comes from our love of the Internet. When Ms.Naoimh Riordan announced the competition to us and explained the theme of what the Internet means to us , it took us no time at all to come to a group decision that it is Communication.
The internet allows us to Communicate for free (well most of the time) and keeps us in contact with our friends and family overseas and at home .
This is our 6th class in Rockboro Primary School and we really enjoyed making this video during our computer science class that we have every Monday.
We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it !

What’s Your Story? 2016

Competition launch video for 2016.


This is our interpretation of anonymous bullying. We wanted to make people aware of how they communicate on and offline. Young people tend to use the internet as a mask and frequently forget that there is a real person receiving their comments. The idea behind our video was to show how the reality of the comments affects the victim and the fact that being behind a screen is like wearing a mask and you wouldn’t say it to their face so what makes saying it behind a screen okay?