CyberFutures 2022

Welcome to the real world

This video is a two minute video I have made based on the question “what would life be like if the internet didn’t exist”. I had so much fun making this video with my friends and during this we actually managed to avoid using the internet all together. Which was strange seems from the age of 12 I have used the internet nearly every day, I also go to a school that uses technology so this was a great experience as I love being able to enter the real world and get away from this world online that enhances you to be someone your not. Nobody posts about their failures which makes the internet seem so unrealistic. I think it is important for everyone to take a step back, appreciate not only your family and friends but also your surroundings. Let go and live a little, appreciate life and enjoy the time you have. In this film I talk about exactly what activities you can do without the internet and what it’s like to experience the real world.