CyberFutures 2022


My short film promotes the protection of youths online. So many kids have Ipads, smartphones and laptops in today’s world. I have seen some children with their own mobile devices and have access to the internet at one click. It astonishes me at how regular this has become. The internet is a place where anyone can post pretty much anything. Think, would you let your child explore the world by themselves and talk to random people they meet? The internet is no different, there are predators, strangers, and material that children should not be exposed to. As I said in the video, the internet wasn’t designed to be child-safe, so why do we expect it to be?

A helping hand.

The internet can be a massive jungle,full of sites,and combinations which are hard to understand,at first.Dealing with it on our own can lead to terrible confusion and might aswell put one off it altogether.It’s a beautifully dangerous place.That’s why,we should always ask for help.It doesn’t hurt.And nobody will laugh,if you’re not sure how to write an email,nobody is born an instant genius!Better do it now,than when it’s too late.