CyberFutures 2022


Group Entry: Inconvenience tells the story of a day in the life of a teenager living in a world without the internet. It shows our interpretations of what life would be like if the internet disappears and the negative effects it would have. We want to show to people that the internet gets a hard time and brings so many more benefits than negatives

Live in the moment

‘Live in the moment’ is a film that tells the story of the time my family and I travelled around Australia in a tent for 4 months. I believe that because of us having little to no access to the internet during this trip, it fully allowed me to ‘live in the moment’ and appreciate the good that comes with taking a step away from the internet.

I believe that this film clearly shows what my life would be like if the internet disappeared and the benefits that it would bring.

A Clearer View


I created this short film to help young kids realise how dangerous talking to strangers online really is. In this film a young vulnerable girl was sent a message from what she thinks is a young boy, little did she know that she was actually texting a grown-up man. If I had one power to help make life online better, I would let everybody see who is on the other side of the screen. This helps raise awareness for young kids to be cautious when texting strangers online. (permission received from social user account).

Individual category

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The Power Within

Category: Group Entry

Social media controls our everyday lives and escaping that seems almost impossible for the teenager, Alan. Just like climbing a mountain, it requires sweat, determination and a will to work to reach his goal. This proves to be harder than expected but Alan’s perseverance suggests otherwise.

Group Crew.

Director – Tara Kancherla
Actor – Conor Lavery
Voiceover – Alan Culligan
Editor – Tara Kancherla
Filmer – Tara Kancherla

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A smart mouse controls the house!

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“A smart mouse controls the house” this means if you are smart you can control what you do and what choices you make on the internet.
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User Unknown

Moayad recieves a text from an unknown user! How does he deal with this? How can he know if its trusted or a risk? does he reply? knowing how to deal with an anonymous text can be tricky watch the video to see how! Remember always be safe than Sorry.

Be Safe Rhyme

I wrote the song and lyrics myself to reflect the theme for ‘What’s Your Story’ and I’m absolutely over the moon and delighted to have won a prize.