CyberFutures 2022

A Lie Shrouded in Truth.

‘A Lie Shrouded in Truth’ is a short film that I made for this competition. It includes what I feel is the most untrustworthy thing on the internet at the moment; Manipulated Content. I give a brief description of why I feel this is the biggest issue. And what we can do to help minimalize it on the web.

If we all work together we can make sure that false media is no longer spread on the internet. In an information age, the truth is what should be valued among all things online.

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Don’t let them get to you!

My entry has two meanings. When I say “don’t let them get to you” I mean this physically and mentally. I mean it physically as in don’t let them actually track you down and mentally as in don’t let their words get to you and hurt you. When I refer to “them” in the picture I mean the cyber bullies.