CyberFutures 2022

It’s A Long Story (Not Really)

Did the internet help me this year? I would like to think so. Aside from connecting with people through social media, video games and other online platforms, I got to develop and learn new skills with the help of the internet.

This short, 2-minute video was made to inspire those who also have an interest in doing something fun, exciting and creative with the use of a camera! Honestly, it was a blast. My friend and I got to experience what it was like to write a script, set up equipment and act on camera (to the best of our abilities).

So without having tutorials to look up, or helpful blog posts to read, we probably wouldn’t have been able to produce this kind of video. At the end of the day, there’s always room for improvement and more knowledge to gain, so I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching.


This is a short comedy video displaying the devastating effects of having to live without the internet. We as humans truly rely on having access to the internet at any given moment. What happens when that liberty is taken away completely? Surely it can’t be that bad… Without spoiling too much, I really urge you to view this video for yourself and find out!