CyberFutures 2022

What’s your internet super power? Vox pop

We asked random people in our school
What their special power would be !

Stuck In The Web

‘Stuck In The Web’ is a journey of self-discovery.

It’s a story where three teens each experience one special power in a world that has endless access to information and communication. They realise how human special powers can make life online better.

This project was initiated when YMCA Ireland’s Advocacy & Youth Information service issued an open invitation to its Cork/ West Cork network to participate in a design thinking session, during Easter school break, that asked the question: ‘What would make life online better?’.

‘The Face Behind The Comment’

The online superpower we chose in our video was ‘the abililty to see the reaction of people in response to comments, texts, etc. posted online, whether they be good or bad.’ We believe that if more people could truly see how their words affect others they would be more wary about what they said behind their screens. We hope this video will inspire people to be more cautious about what they say to others online and think about the repercussions their words can have.

Positivity only, please

Katri wishes that the internet would only be positive, but when her wish comes true she realises the true effects that it has on society

pressure to be perfect

The internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest creations in our era. It’s been a monumental aid in our daily lives.But as great as online life is…it isn’t without negatives. And the internet has some pretty nasty negatives.
The pressure that social media exerts on millions of teenage girls today is significant and unbearable.

We are so obsessed with making life look good that we let it pass us by.
We are fixated on projecting our perfect world so other can think that it is real but it does not exist.
Perfect is a lie. Remember that the next time you like a post.
If I had the power to remove something from the internet it should be the pressure to be perfect.

One More Time

While searching for a deal for a holiday to Spain, John receives a scam e-mail pretending to be an all expenses paid trip to his destination. He falls for the e-mail and all his money is stolen from his bank account. He finds a magic watch that brings him back to before he got scammed and he doesn’t fall victim to the scam.

I’m not who you think

If we could have one superpower online, we would stop false accounts from accessing other accounts of young online yousers who are more vulnerable to talk to strangers.Credits: copyright music courtesy of this video was made with and edited with @videoshop app we would like to thank everyone for watching and hope you all are aware of these dangers online. This video was made by Rebkah and Isabel

A Clearer View


I created this short film to help young kids realise how dangerous talking to strangers online really is. In this film a young vulnerable girl was sent a message from what she thinks is a young boy, little did she know that she was actually texting a grown-up man. If I had one power to help make life online better, I would let everybody see who is on the other side of the screen. This helps raise awareness for young kids to be cautious when texting strangers online. (permission received from social user account).

Individual category

Thank you!

How we got rid of our virus

If we had one super power online it would be how to get rid of a virus, it is important you are safe and controlling of what you do online. The creators of this video are Molly Histon, Amy Meacle, Jack O Shea, Rebecca Flynn and Sean O keefe
Thanks for watching

Made a Mistake ?Use the internet filter

Our clip is about a young girl who was doing a modeling show ,while she was strutting her stuff she fell in front of the crowd and everyone in the audience started taking pictures of her and sending the pictures all over social media ,all she wants is for all those embarrassing pictures to be gone so she can get on with her life ……………….Well the superheroes are here to save the day ,Orla and Sophie have an amazing app called the internet filter it erases everything that would be inappropriate or offensive to others offline !

Smartphone Addiction.

Nomophobia is the fear of being without your smartphone which affects 40% of the population.

In today’s world the majority of people (mainly adolescents) base their worth and popularity on the number of likes/followers they get on social media. This is destroying our mindset and reality because our worth, or popularity, isn’t reflected based on numbers!

If we are constantly glued to our phones to constantly check our ‘social status’ then we miss out on social interactions in the physical world. My voice is my power and I’ll use it to encourage people to have a digital detox every so often in their lives.

Lala Lumberjack

When a video game character from the eighties is introduced to the internet, she does her part in making it a better place.

Don’t let influencers influence you!

We want influencer to not have nay power over us.

The Super Banner!

My son Jake explains about his Super Power ability to make the Internet a better place for kids.

Think Critically, Click Critically

There are many issues with regard to the online world, but one thing that can prevent some of the major issues from occurring is thinking critically about what you see online.
Here is my video outlining my special power to make life online better.