CyberFutures 2022

The Internet is Quitting

We wanted to show how much we love the internet in our lives. We used the white boards so that we could each give our individual thoughts and we added the rap because it was fun. We found our music and our morse code on the internet. We enjoyed working as a team to make this video (under pressure!).

Manga Magic

We got our inspiration for our poster from the online math challenge website ‘Manga High’. We entered this competition online and it shows us one of the many good sides to the internet. We really enjoyed making this poster as a class and everyone contributed something special to it. Our teacher Mrs Gavin was a great help to the project as she helped us to enter the poster into ‘Whats Your Sory’.

Internet Sensation

Overall School Winner 2013: Our approach was to inspire many young people who watched our video about the good side of the internet! We tried to make it as fun, catchy and creative as much as possible. We’re sending a message out to many young people to try their best at what they are good at, to never give up! Once you love what you are doing the sky’s the limit!
Teacher: Declan Doherty

Web’s Number 1


The Runaway Dog


Always look on the bright side of the Internet


The Good Side Of The Internet


Caught Up in the Net

This is my video about why I think the internet is brilliant. My video was very simple because I simply included most things that I love about the internet and I am delighted that the public and judges enjoyed it.!

Amazing Uses Of The Internet

Our aim (Jonathan, Keith and Raphael) in making this film was to show the amazing uses that the internet has to offer. We wanted to emphasize how many choices there are and how the uses are only limited to our imagination. The internet can be used any time, any place, any where. Hope you all enjoy!
Teacher: Elaine Murphy.

Having Fun On The Net

When my mom told me about this I thought she said fun on the net and not the internet – so I drew a poster of me playing with a net. When she told me it was about the internet I drew butterflies with Facebook, iTunes, Twitter wifi and Skype, all the things I use to have fun on the net