CyberFutures 2022

‘Everything Isn’t as it appears’ 13+yrs: 2014 Video Winner

More and more of us have our heads stuck in our gadgets. But it isn’t as bad as it seems.

‘Tips for Online Safety’ 8-12 yrs : 2014 Poster Winner

Here are my tips to be safe while on the internet

‘The Amazing Internet’ 8-12 yrs: 2014 Video Winner

This is my stop motion animation on how the internet helped me in school.

I can do anything

The positive thing about the internet is that it can help you with anything at all. Contacting your friends, getting help with homework, researching information – everything is possible with the internet

Internet Safety and Advice

Overall Individual Winner 2014 Fun Facts, Safety and Advice that the internet isn’t that scary. Even Babies can use the internet.

Part Of The World

Overall School Winner 2014: My poster depicts Princess Ariel as a user of social media. She can be ‘Part Of The World’ as she is connected to everyone through the Internet.