CyberFutures 2022

What’s Your Story? 2017

Contest launch video 2017

The Out-ernet

The internet is a powerful tool. In this film we take a satirical look at how people see the internet against the realities of how people over use it.

Surviving without the Int3rn3t

When your friend challenges you to survive without the internet for a week – it sounds pretty simple, right? Or so you think..?


The internet means a lot to various different people. It’s used in so many different ways by so many different individuals.
The internet gives us power, choice, fun and most importantly, opportunity. All made possible ONLINE!

Different types of People on the Internet

This short video, shows how four very different girls would use todays technology and Internet, and how it incorporates into their daily life

What The Internet Means To Me

A daring video delving taking the deep dive on what the internet means to one teenager.

What the Internet Means to me.

These are all the ways I use the internet (plus a few more)

What Does The Internet Mean To You?

A catchy music video telling what the Internet means to two teenage students.

Web Wisdom

The Internet, or the web, can be hard to exit once in the grasp of it’s many roads. My posters aim is to highlight the “stickiness” of the web. It is like a spiders web and we are like the flies, always struggling to get out of it’s grasp… Be aware!

The Internet means everything.

I love the internet.

The Struggles of Keeping a Snap Streak

Most people nowadays are on Snapchat snapping their friends regularly incase they lose their snap streak and have no time for homework or study. Most of the time we are on our phones texting our friends and we forget about the tests we have the next day.

Feeling Safe on the Net.

I enjoy chilling out on the internet and chatting with my friends. Chatting with my friends makes me feel warm and cosy, like my hot water bottle.

I made this at the youth centre for our internet safety project.

What the Internet means to Me.

This project was made using Scratch. It is a short animation on what the internet means to me and many others my age. I currently attend my local CoderDojo and I’m so lucky that these classes and our teachers have taught me so much about programming.

What Does The Internet Mean To You

Various students tell us what the internet can do for them, how we are all connected, what the future may hold and how real the internet experience can be but we must be careful !!!


Be Sensible Online

Have you ever clicked on a dodgy link before? Maybe it sent you to a website selling stuff that no-one wants or needs… Or maybe, like this girl, you’ve had your computer and all its files ruined. The virus ‘ROMBERTIK’ is real, although there is a small bit of controversy over whether or not it can do this kind of thing. I myself have clicked on things like that before, but maybe I wouldn’t have if someone had shown me a video like this…

I scripted and coded this all by myself, using ‘Scratch’. I learned about the competition through ‘CoderDojo’, a coding class that I go to, which I really enjoy. I had a great time making this video , and I hope you have a great time watching it!!