CyberFutures 2022

WYS promo video 2018 (14mb)

WYS promo video 2018 (14mb)

What’s Your Story Promo video 1 min

What’s Your Story Promo video 1 min

What’s Your Story 2018 promo video 30sec

What’s Your Story 2018 promo video 30sec

Change Online Perceptions

We are a youth group from Bohermore in Galway and we are making this video to show the different sides to the internet and that being online is great but that it can have bad sides as well as good sides. The thing we would like to change is the awareness of all online users to both sides of the internet and we have made this short video to support that. All the music included in this video is from the audio section of Adobe Premier Elements 12 and we have permission to use it.

This is what we’re missing

In this video, we talk about how we tend to abuse the use of technology and use it for the bad rather than the good. We then decided to make up two scenarios where two people meet each other on the street and we then showed the difference between being on our phones and not being on our phones.

Drumeela NS Digital life

We would change the amount of time spent on your digital life

F.O.M.O (The Fear Of Missing Out)

A commentary on the over use of technology in modern day society. F.O.M.O. is a real thing!! Ireland has the highest suicide rate of teenagers in Europe. F.O.M.O is a constant anxiety that we could do without.

Definition of F.O.M.O – Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

I have made a conscious decision to step away from technology and have started exercise more and to engage with nature more and I am feeling the benefits of doing so. I encourage you to do the same.

With thanks to Matthew Broderick/Ferris bueller and John Hughes

Drumeela NS ideas on our digital lives

As a group we decided what the most important things are for safe and healthy digital lives


Going online can be SCARY! Lots of weirdos out there just want your information, your money… or worse.
This funny video warns us of the online dangers out there!

Take Control, Don’t Follow the Troll!

The children in Ms Feeley’s 5th Class, Kilkenny discussed their digital lives. They were unanimous in their fear of having material online that made them feel bad about themselves. Based on their fears they created this video which depicts an experience common to many young people. The lesson they took from this project was that there should be a code of conduct around all aspects of social media. The students are now much more aware of the respect that should be given and received in their cyber world and they feel that their digital lives will be improved as a result.
We hope you enjoy our video.

Music and sound effects are from imovies library.


This film is about a girl called Orla who is addicted to her phone. We want to show you and Orla that life is better without your phone. Nomophobia is a phobia of being out of contact of your phone.


Our video is based on Access. We had a discussion about the internet and the common theme arising was access issues. Some pupils have huge trouble accessing the internet due to poor broadband. It takes a very long time to load pages and it’s next to impossible to load information that would benefit project work. Some cannot use mobile data on their mobile phones as they cannot afford the credit. Sometimes in school we use You Tube to access educational videos however the BBC sites are blocked. Age restrictions has also limited access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Pupils cannot access apps for their IPads, tablets, Pcs and phones as these require a credit account. Therefore pupils cannot purchase apps.
We hope you enjoy our video on Access Denied!

Our Digital World

When we were asked What one thing we would change in our Digital life ? It got us thinking about Our Digital World ! What is Our Digital World and How can you be a Digital Citizen and be informed about Digital Literacy .
Here in Rockboro Primary school , 4th class students put together this video to explain how they have begun to learn about their Digital World for years to come.
Learn how to the Earn your Digital Citizen Badge 2017.
Please watch our Video to find out more about Our Digital World.
Enjoy =^.^=

Break The Silence

We wanted to explore the anti social aspect of using your mobile device. We see it a lot and thought it be an interesting area to investigate. With so many sites claiming to be a social network, are they really? We wanted to film on a bus as you can get so many different perspectives but still be in one location. We hope you enjoy.

Bill’s Obsession With Social Media

Bill has become obsessed with social media. He does not realise he has a problem so his worried friend Sam steps in to give him advice and some facts.