CyberFutures 2022


A short film, in which a meeting, arranged to buy a new phone, from an online advertisement, goes horribly wrong. This highlights the dangers of trusting strangers and content online.

Stranger Danger

The young girl in the video receives a message from a person she doesn’t know claiming they have the same interests. The stranger got her number from an online forum where she shared her number. This person is claiming to be the same age as the girl – 10. We can clearly see from the footage that this is not the case. The stranger asks her to meet up. The young girl imagines what would happen if they met up. When she is brought back to reality, she decides against the meeting and tells the stranger.

Some top tips to be mindful of when you use the internet:

1. Don’t interact with strangers online or accept friend requests from people you don’t know.
2. Don’t give any personal information away online, for example, your phone number.
3. NEVER meet up with someone you met online.
4. Stop and think before you access the internet. You don’t want to regret your decisions when it comes to the internet.

How do you who and what to trust online? You don’t. Be careful.

The influence behind the influencers

Young people’s online landscapes are becoming increasingly dominated by influencers.
Can we trust influencers or should we look to see the influence behind the influencers?
And what roles do we play when it comes to who influences who?

Don’t Click that Dangerous Link!

What are the consequences of not being careful when clicking a link online…


People think they know how to tell the difference between a fake and a real person online. This video pushed the boundaries of what we perceive to be real.

A smart mouse controls the house!

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“A smart mouse controls the house” this means if you are smart you can control what you do and what choices you make on the internet.
Stay safe!

Who and what to trust

Hello today i will be showing you who and what sites to trust i hope you enjoy

It Always Starts Small

“It Always Starts Small” is a short film about the danger of a friend request. If you do not know the person you may run into problems. You may think who you are seeing online is harmless and only wants to talk to you, but if they are not who they say they are, things can develop and you may be in danger. What is the best way to know who and what you can trust online? You can be careful and selective with who you choose to interact with, use the privacy settings available to you on all of your social media accounts, understand the tools available to protect yourself like blocking, reporting inappropriate behavior or content you do not want to see. And finally you can stay in control! If you have met someone online and are uncomfortable for any reason you should tell an adult you trust or depending on how serious it is maybe the police.

Teaching the basics – who & what to trust online!

Our video was made by all the students of 4th class in Scoil Mhuire GNS Lucan. Our video focuses on 2 answers to the “who can you trust online?” question and 2 answers to the “what can you trust online?” question. We used a classroom scene to ensure the message was clear and that all age groups would understand the message. We hope you enjoy the video and that you enjoy being safe while online 🙂

The Many Faces Of Strangers And The Web

The internet is a fun yet scary place both at once. It’s great to communicate with friends, and keep up to date with news and gossip aslong as it’s used in the right way and to a certain extinct. But it’s also scary because of all the dangers that comes with it such as online predators, hackers, identity thieves and privacy problems. Learn how to keep safe and avoid these in this short and clear 2 minute video.


Living beside the sea in beautiful Ballyheigue was our inspiration for this comic but serious look on how parents must help their children stay safe online .


Learn how to protect yourself online as well as some shocking statistics about hacking. Don’t forget it’s important to take a break from technology and go outside to destress and just breathe.

Be Real-GetTheProperDeal

Password Control. How can you trust people online? Click and watch the story of how one person’s possessions were accessed by ONE bad link. Remember only accept requests from people you know and be Webwise before following any page, link or website.

User Unknown

Moayad recieves a text from an unknown user! How does he deal with this? How can he know if its trusted or a risk? does he reply? knowing how to deal with an anonymous text can be tricky watch the video to see how! Remember always be safe than Sorry.


Wanted to put Together a quirky little video showing that we do not need to be trapped in the dogma of todays online society and it really is quite easy to stay real and positive and independent in the midst of all the anonymity of the online world.