CyberFutures 2022

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If the Internet was to disappear life would still go on!

Moving Forward

GROUP ENTRY: When Dramarama asked it’s students, this years question:

IF THE INTERNET DISAPPEARED TODAY, WHAT WOULD YOUR LIFE BE LIKE? They immediately saw the positives and negatives of having no internet. They decided to feature in their own TV News Programme. We hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun making it!

What Would Life be Like?

GROUP ENTRY: What would life be like, if the internet disappeared – would be all freak out or would we live in fear? This video explores what would would life be like if the internet disappeared, maybe we would be less distracted but we might be bored watching the clock go Tic – Toc!

This video was created with the Young People of the Junior Rap Crew, run by Youth Work Ireland Cork. This group meets weekly at The Hut in Gurranabraher, the northside of Cork City. The group is facilitated by Garry McCarthy & Youth Worker Joe Curtin. The group is supported by Cork ETB Youth Services & Music Generation Cork City. Most importantly, the stars of the video are Jade, April, Alesha, Darren, Killian, Tammy, Anthony, Cohen & Rebecca.

No Internet~Expectations vs reality

This video is about no internet exceptions vs reality 🙃

Welcome to the real world

This video is a two minute video I have made based on the question “what would life be like if the internet didn’t exist”. I had so much fun making this video with my friends and during this we actually managed to avoid using the internet all together. Which was strange seems from the age of 12 I have used the internet nearly every day, I also go to a school that uses technology so this was a great experience as I love being able to enter the real world and get away from this world online that enhances you to be someone your not. Nobody posts about their failures which makes the internet seem so unrealistic. I think it is important for everyone to take a step back, appreciate not only your family and friends but also your surroundings. Let go and live a little, appreciate life and enjoy the time you have. In this film I talk about exactly what activities you can do without the internet and what it’s like to experience the real world.

The “App-pocalypse

A video showing how much more difficult life today would be without the internet. For example, using a carrier pigeon instead of twitter, or using a camcorder to record a video, but then having nowhere to upload it to

Back to the Past

Teens realise they can survive without internet.

A group of people walking down a pathway and taking pictures. One girl tries to post a picture of the group and it doesn’t upload and they realise they have no internet. They go out of their minds because they’re not used to the lifestyle and start having mental breakdowns because all of the things they are used to get wiped away. A phone manages to ring in the distance. They were surprised as it was the only phone that still has internet, so they crowd around it. They drop it and walk away, realising they can live without the internet after all.

Alone with Me

This film, is a story about how uncertain our lives would be if the internet disappeared. As a society, we rely on the internet to fill our daily habits which is what I tried to capture in this video.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Thank you to Naomi Keogh for acting in this for me.

Writer/Director: Hannah Whelan
Actor: Naomi Keogh

Where’s The Wifi Gone ?

Where’s our Wifi Gone I think We lost It


When you watch our video, we want you to stop. To take a minute out of your day and listen to a message that needs to be heard. While watching this video we want to immerse you into a world of opportunities and prospects. We want to captivate your imaginations and show you the world that awaits you, when you choose to explore it.
We wanted to take a different slant on this competition and try a new and fresh approach to conveying this powerful message.
The internet has given us many amazing things to be grateful for, but sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate the incredible world around us.

The Power of the Internet

When we started making this video, we found it hard to come up with ideas – because it is so difficult to imagine a world without the internet! There is no denying that the internet is a huge part of everyday life in the world nowadays. Without the internet, we would not have the ease of learning new skills, travelling to new places, listening to music, connecting with our loved ones, and many more. It has so many positive impacts on our lives, so in this video we decided to focus on everything we would miss out on if the internet disappeared today.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

A little lost, a lot gained

I wrote this story as a means to explain in a short and concise way the social issues we face as a society. From teenagers suffering with eating disorders, self esteem and a hoard of other issues to children addicted to gaming. Teenagers separating themselves from the family cause they want to be on their phone. These are real issues. In this video I show what a little break from the internet can really do.
We should try to live our lives with reduced internet, it’s better for us as humans not just mentally but physically as well.
Like my father says too much of a good thing makes it a bad thing.
Hope you enjoy

Without the internet you’d

In this film I talk about things that you’d do without the internet. Starting each sentence with “without the internet you’d”

The Secret Art Of Train Conversations

Based on true circumstances, the film features the plot of a young man, played by Mikhail Sedyshev, being driven to meet his sweetheart due to the sudden world wide failure of telecommunications. As he takes his seat on the train, he is met with the entertained look of the archetypal adult, played by Tytus Kopera. In this world absent of telecommunications, the idea behind the oddly coloured sky is to highlight how deeply rooted the internet is in our society. A world without the internet is utterly bizarre , therefore there must be something to reflect the outlandish nature of this world. The original soundtrack, composed by Mikhail Sedyshev, was made to further drive the abnormal concept of a world without the internet. The soundtrack features synths, droning ambience, cyberpunk vibes and a happysad, almost Waititi-like piano at the the end, to signify the thematic shifts throughout the film. Perhaps, for some, the world without an internet wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Granny WiFi Drama!

What happens when the elderly finally embrace the internet and for it to suddenly fail!