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First check the rules to make sure that you are eligible to enter


Answer this question in a two minute video ‘How might new technology (or AI) help you in the future?


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What's Your Story?


How might new technology (or AI) help you in the future?

Answer this question in a 2 minute video.

New technology is the cool stuff that hasn’t been around forever – like smartphones, self-driving cars, or robots that can help you with tasks. AI, (or Artificial Intelligence), is like giving computers the ability to think and learn, just like humans. So many good things are possible because of the internet and all things tech. It’s useful for learning, entertaining, it connects us to others far away, it’s amazing! Yet, it’s not perfect, and if new technology (or AI) is used in the wrong way (irresponsibly), it may cause problems for others.

Below are some ideas to help you with your answer:

Research online,  explore and understand the possibilities of technology (or AI).
Ask questions Can humans live in harmony with technology (or AI)? What impact is technology (or AI) having on human life?
Listen to what’s being said in the media, and by experts about new technology, AI and the future.
Talk to your friends, teacher(s) and to students in your class about technology and AI.

Let your imagination run wild because the future is yours to shape!

Once you have an answer, then tell us your story. Be funny. Be dramatic. Be creative. Whatever you do, be real.
Create a two-minute video answering our question for a chance to win one of our great prizes. Use live action, stop action, animation, original music, or none.

Don’t forget to read the rules and check out our resources page to help you get started.

Entries are welcome in both English and Irish languages.

The Prizes:

  • The Overall Winner will be awarded €2,000. The Overall winning video entry can be an Individual, a School, or a Youth group.
  • The Critics’ Choice Award winner will receive €1,000. The judges will award this to an outstanding entry to recognise it for reasons that they will determine, depending on the entry itself.
  • Each category winner will receive €500 as follows:
    • Age 8-12 prize for Individual category winners – €500
    • Age 8-12 prize for Group category winners – €500
    • Age 8-12 prize for School category winners – €500
    • Age 13+ prize for Individual category winners – €500
    • Age 13+ prize for Group category winners – €500
    • Age 13+ prize for School category winners – €500

2023-2024 Dates To Remember:

Sep 26th 2023 Competition Opens announcing the question you need to answer in your video entry

Sep 26th 2023 First date to upload your entry

Jan 9th 2024 Last date to upload your entry

Week commencing Jan 15th 2024: The  judges meet to determine the winners

Feb 6th 2024 The winners will be announced! (SAFER INTERNET DAY)

Your online privacy is important to us, please read our privacy policy.

Here’s how it works.

Create and upload a 2-minute video on the above question. The finalists will be chosen based upon creativity (style, message delivery, execution, etc.), the appropriateness of your Entry (on topic, etc.) and how effective you have been in putting across your message.

A panel of independent Judges will select the winning Entries from the finalists. You must be registered on the site to view and comment on each entry (once only per entry).  You must be 8 years old or over to enter (we have two age categories). You can enter as an individual, school, or a group in your age category (we have cash prizes for each of these categories). If you’re under 16, you will need parental/guardian approval – but don’t worry, our online registration process on this website will guide you.

Your entry must be:

  • your own original work

Please be respectful of copyrights and of others. Make sure you have permission to use other people’s music, company logos, images, or photos. For more tips on this, check out our Resources page

  • in one of the following formats: .wmv, .mov or .mp4
    • a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes in length
    • a maximum of 100 MB in size.

We can’t stress it enough; please read the official rules before you get started. Entries that do not comply with the rules will not be accepted.

Best of luck!

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