What's Your Story - 2021 Entry

My Simple Song!!!!

By:   AislingKerry


Age Group:   8 - 12
Location:   Ireland
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I wrote this song in my room over the course of 2 days. I took pictures to show everyone how much the internet has helped over this last year. I hope ye enjoy it!! I had great fun making it.

The background is original music created using snyths ableton (music software). It is all original.


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  1. Kitty (1 day ago)

    So talented, well done Aisling!!

  2. Eiloconn (2 days ago)

    Perfection personified

  3. Sharon.oc@live.com (3 days ago)

    Amazing aisling

  4. Trish (4 days ago)

    Well done Aisling, best of luck

  5. Podge (4 days ago)

    A Star in the making!!..well done Ashling.

  6. Valfoley01 (4 days ago)

    Fantastic well done

  7. Anitafoley21 (4 days ago)

    Brilliant well done and best of luck Aisling

  8. dannymac83 (5 days ago)

    Wow what a fantastic tune, so cool and soooooo catchy Well done Aisling love it

  9. David784 (7 days ago)

    Brilliant song Aisling! Best of luck

  10. Lor (7 days ago)

    Well done Aisling

  11. David (7 days ago)

    Very impressed Aisling! Great song writing! Good Luck!

  12. Cathy C (7 days ago)

    Aisling – an amazing song by an amazing girl – so proud of you

  13. shaunamc (7 days ago)

    Love this song! Well done Aisling

  14. Suzanneosullivan (1 week ago)

    Well done Aisling very talented and creative….

  15. eos (1 week ago)

    Well done Aisling on a very impressive music debut. I love the lyrics and the catchy rap. Best of luck in the competition.

  16. Lauraos83 (2 weeks ago)

    Fab well done Aisling!

  17. Trishmur (2 weeks ago)

    Great song! Well done!

  18. Cathyod97 (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling. Excellent song

  19. Noeloc (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling very well put together proud of you X
    Uncle Noel

  20. Breeda Pierce (2 weeks ago)

    That was just brilliant Aisling, very well written and I loved the singing.

  21. Joannfitz (2 weeks ago)

    Great song, well done

  22. None (2 weeks ago)

    What a great song Aisling! Very catchy! The boys are singing the chorus here

  23. Kasiakeane (2 weeks ago)

    I love it!!! Great tune and voice

  24. Breda Enright (2 weeks ago)

    Excellent work Aisling! The song is brilliant

  25. Liz l (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling, very talented, love the song

  26. Sharon.oc@live.com (2 weeks ago)

    Great song aisling, very catchy well done

  27. Cormac31 (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling very good song!

  28. Carlowanne (2 weeks ago)

    Well done, Aisling, I loved your music, video and lyrics. It really summed up how the Internet has helped during the pandemic.

  29. Kathryn (2 weeks ago)

    Amazing, talented, creative and artistic Aisling. What a very catchy tune I keep singing it Wishing you lots of luck and I think you take after your wonderful aunt Margaret. Kathryn

  30. Caher01 (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling. Your music is fab, best of luck with the competition. Your the best I’ve heard & the winner as far as I’m concerned. Original and worthy of Eminem!

  31. Margo O Dowd (2 weeks ago)

    Absolutely Brilliant Aisling! The song, melody and lyrics and the video production was class! Well done!

  32. Gl123 (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling

  33. Sarahleane (2 weeks ago)

    Excellent song Aisling!!

  34. David Leane (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling

  35. Donnchadh11 (2 weeks ago)

    Aishling, you have the X-factor!! Well done..

  36. Sinead (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling

  37. Zebo (2 weeks ago)

    Fantastic Aishling. I love your song and the lovely photos to go with it. You seem to have had a lot of fun during the Lockdown.
    You got to do lots of things on the internet as well as your football, gymnastics,lovely walks and I think I spotted you doing some baking!
    Maith thú

  38. AdrigoleMC (2 weeks ago)

    Great song, love the images and the music

  39. Ele (2 weeks ago)

    Well Done Aisling! Great singing & video editing. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you

  40. KayG (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling, that’s fantastic – Ellie & Gracie

  41. AislingKerry (2 weeks ago)

    Love this song!! Really catchy!! Xxx

  42. MeelickA (2 weeks ago)

    This young girl has real talent right on trend too with her lyrics a bright future ahead for her as a songwriter /rap artist truly creative and inspiring. The picture collage stood out its message clear..connection with family and friends nourshises us all and Internet made it possible for this young and charming songwriter . Well done Ashling

  43. TraveyH (2 weeks ago)

    Great song and video showing the power of the internet during these times. Well done

  44. Pass (2 weeks ago)

    Great video! Love the song, well done

  45. niamhgriffin (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling! So talented!

  46. Evtwiss (2 weeks ago)

    Amazing and fantastic Aisling, well done

  47. Magfitz (2 weeks ago)

    Brilliant well done

  48. Marie Sheehan (2 weeks ago)

    Great stuff Aisling, well done❤️

  49. Koco49 (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling brilliant piece of work best of luck and hope it’s a winner, Kieran

  50. Osheastella (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling .

  51. ElaineConnCork (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Aisling

  52. MaryConn6 (2 weeks ago)

    Brilliant, Well done Aisling.

  53. Jimbobulous (2 weeks ago)

    Brill tune Aisling, so proud of you! A rising star