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What's Your Story - 2017 Category Winner

Category Winner


By:   Togher National School, Dunmanway, Co-Cork


Age Group:   8 - 12
Location:   Ireland
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Our video is based on Access. We had a discussion about the internet and the common theme arising was access issues. Some pupils have huge trouble accessing the internet due to poor broadband. It takes a very long time to load pages and it’s next to impossible to load information that would benefit project work. Some cannot use mobile data on their mobile phones as they cannot afford the credit. Sometimes in school we use You Tube to access educational videos however the BBC sites are blocked. Age restrictions has also limited access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Pupils cannot access apps for their IPads, tablets, Pcs and phones as these require a credit account. Therefore pupils cannot purchase apps.
We hope you enjoy our video on Access Denied!

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