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2020 Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Take a step into your subconscious mind

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This video is about allowing your subconscious mind to take over and switch off the internet button. Especially at times, when we require a break from online. This allowed me to adventure into my thoughts of what my life would be like if the internet disappeared today.

I learned that it would be difficult if the internet disappeared because I am so reliant on it. It is a brilliant source of entertainment, communication and wide spread of knowledge.

I believe that I would be more self-appreciating of myself if the internet didn’t exist. As I wouldn’t feel that I must keep up with the unrealistic standards and expectations potrayed by celebrities and influencers on social media. Perhaps, I would enjoy and appreciate the important things in my life more than I do now.

Allowing your subconscious mind to take over may give you an insight into what life would be like if the internet disappeared. Are you ready to go on that journey to discovery?

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