What's Your Story - 2021 Entry

Sensory Stage Stars – Our lockdown story

By:   Sensory Stage Stars


Age Group:   8 - 12
Location:   Ireland
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How children with autism dealt with online schooling


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  1. Geraldine (3 days ago)

    Totally blown away by the amazing Sensory stage stars video. The children performed so fantastically, it is so obvious each if them thoroughly enjoyed their performance. What an achievement for all involved, you must all be so proud. Well done, I really hope you win as you excelled Xx

  2. Phil (3 days ago)

    Wonderful to see so many happy positive children. Well done all.

  3. Rosarie (3 days ago)

    Well done to everyone, so enjoyable to watch and a great achievement, big thumbs up to Ryan and all his friends ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Johannacurtis (3 days ago)

    Wonderful video from the superstars of sensory stage stars. Great work to all

  5. Akearns (4 days ago)

    Great job!

  6. Clive (4 days ago)

    Well done to Ann Marie and her colleagues and Children, excellent work. Lovely video..

  7. Jennifermdv (4 days ago)

    Wonderful story! So happy you can all be together again!

  8. Cr8vMind (4 days ago)

    Fantastic! Brilliantly done. You truly are making a difference.

  9. Seoid (4 days ago)

    Congrats to all the superheroes! What a special video! Thank you kids and Annmarie ❤️

  10. Elke (4 days ago)

    Superpowers – love it. Congratulations to the team involved. Sensory Stage Stars is so important and this video shows why.

  11. MaryR3 (4 days ago)

    Brilliant! Well done everyone ♥️

  12. MaryR3 (4 days ago)

    Fab video , well done to all ♥️

  13. Mcantillon (2 weeks ago)

    Excellent video! Well done to all involved!

  14. SeaSailor (2 weeks ago)

    Well done to all the kids. ❤️

  15. DC1510 (2 weeks ago)

    Well Done!

  16. cormaccurtis (2 weeks ago)

    What a sensational piece of work. Well done guys, you’re all awesome!!!!

  17. rosscurtis (2 weeks ago)

    I have never seen my sons eyes open so wide as when we told told him that Dramarama classes were starting back up after lockdown. It has been a weekly haven for Ryan for a few years now and Ann Marie and her team give so much to our kids and has even added an allotment!

    The weekly Discos during lockdown gave us a focus for the week when the days seemed to just blur into each other at times. So thanks for all the hard work. If anyone deserves it its Ann Marie and the Sensory Stage Stars!

  18. KarinaD (2 weeks ago)

    Great video and stories Well done to all involved especially the children

  19. Mags21 (2 weeks ago)


  20. Feefee (2 weeks ago)

    Great video, well done!

  21. Caroline (2 weeks ago)

    Fantastic inspirational poignant story.
    Well done to all involved

  22. LCull (2 weeks ago)

    Sweet video. Well done kids. Asd kids are the best kids.

  23. LCull (2 weeks ago)

    Sweet video. Well done kids. Asd kids are the best

  24. Boleary (2 weeks ago)

    Well done to everyone involved.

  25. AK (2 weeks ago)

    Well done Eoghan!

  26. christinebriel@hotmail.com (2 weeks ago)

    Wonderful video and well done to all!

  27. lynch.enda@gmail.com (2 weeks ago)


  28. KMcHugh (2 weeks ago)

    Fantastic video! Well done to all of you.

  29. JSmolko (2 weeks ago)

    Great job everybody. You are the best!!!

  30. carolinemccarthy79@gmail.com (2 weeks ago)

    Well done to all involved. Eoghan you are fantastic!

  31. MIh (2 weeks ago)

    Fantastic video – well done to all involved

  32. Claire B (2 weeks ago)

    Kaboom is right Eoghan… fabby vid! Keep up the great work kiddos

  33. Belcyquinn (3 weeks ago)

    Well done to all the kids!

  34. BrokenGlass (3 weeks ago)

    Amazing! Well done.

  35. Theresa21 (3 weeks ago)

    Fantastic…well done all…

  36. Oharatricia (3 weeks ago)

    Well done to everyone. Such a great video in such strange time. Very uplifting.

  37. FrankPanizo (3 weeks ago)

    Not easy in the times we are living right now. What a great job they do at Sensory stars. Amazing. Such a feel good video..❤️❤️❤️

  38. Whisperettex16@aim.com (3 weeks ago)

    Such a wonderful video with an inspiring message following a difficult year! The Sensory Stage Stars at DramaRama truly do have superpowers!

  39. Shane OD (3 weeks ago)

    Such amazing kids and an uplifting video. Congrats Ann Marie Lewis & all the super star students who made it happen

  40. Val (4 weeks ago)

    Such an uplifting video!! Well done everyone

  41. Rachelol123 (4 weeks ago)

    Fantastic! Well done to all the wonderful kids at Dramarama

  42. Ciara76 (4 weeks ago)

    This put a great big smile on my face.Well done Sensory Stars ⭐️

  43. Velma1972 (1 month ago)

    Love it ! Well done to all the kids explaining why homeschooling was so tough . Very well expressed by all the kids

  44. Mur (1 month ago)

    Well done !

  45. O keeffe (1 month ago)

    Beautiful video

  46. Lorraineeileen (1 month ago)

    Fantastic video, well done all

  47. Susanvdl13 (1 month ago)


  48. NMitchell (1 month ago)

    all stars!!!

  49. BarneY123 (1 month ago)

    Dramarama is a fantastic venue, it offers a very unique and personal experience to each child that enters its doors. all this is done through Drama and Sensory play with the guidance of the wonderful teacher Annmaire lewis and her team.
    Dramarama has offered a life line to many families in these challenging times and has given the children a great sense of belonging in a fun and safe,non judgemental environment.

    Keep up the great work Dramarama.x

  50. Louise7574 (1 month ago)

    Well done everyone. So proud of ye all. Ye are our Superhero’s . Ye are finding the restrictions hard but ye are smashing this . Keep up the good work .

  51. NMillar (1 month ago)

    Such a great medium for the children to express themselves!