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2020 Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

The Secret Art Of Train Conversations

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Based on true circumstances, the film features the plot of a young man, played by Mikhail Sedyshev, being driven to meet his sweetheart due to the sudden world wide failure of telecommunications. As he takes his seat on the train, he is met with the entertained look of the archetypal adult, played by Tytus Kopera. In this world absent of telecommunications, the idea behind the oddly coloured sky is to highlight how deeply rooted the internet is in our society. A world without the internet is utterly bizarre , therefore there must be something to reflect the outlandish nature of this world. The original soundtrack, composed by Mikhail Sedyshev, was made to further drive the abnormal concept of a world without the internet. The soundtrack features synths, droning ambience, cyberpunk vibes and a happysad, almost Waititi-like piano at the the end, to signify the thematic shifts throughout the film. Perhaps, for some, the world without an internet wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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