Our Second Irish Annual Competition

Texting. Gaming. Social media. The Internet’s a big part of our lives. It’s powerful, so we need to be safe and responsible with it. But we can also do great things with it. That’s where this video contest comes in...

You get the message out. In your own words. Your own voice. Your own style. All it takes is a simple video, from you, by you.

Congratulations to our 2014 winners.

To all of our 2014 competition entrants; by entering, you have already made a difference. Thank you.

My internet Interview!!!

2014 Overall School Winner

Part of the World

by Loreto College Cavan

My poster depicts Princess Ariel as a user of social media. She can be 'Part of the world' as she is connected to everyone through the internet.

My internet Interview!!!

2014 Overall Individual Winner

Internet Safety and Advice

by johnathanconnolly

Fun Facts, Safety and Advice that the internet ins't that scary. Even Babies can use the internet.