What's Your Story - 2018 Entry

Stranger Danger

By:   Luke Smee, Chloe Martin, Amy O’Brien, Cliona O’Brien, Selena Breen McDonnell, Abbie Connolly, Robbie King, Molly Barry Ryan.


Age Group:   13 and above
Location:   Ireland
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The young girl in the video receives a message from a person she doesn’t know claiming they have the same interests. The stranger got her number from an online forum where she shared her number. This person is claiming to be the same age as the girl – 10. We can clearly see from the footage that this is not the case. The stranger asks her to meet up. The young girl imagines what would happen if they met up. When she is brought back to reality, she decides against the meeting and tells the stranger.

Some top tips to be mindful of when you use the internet:

1. Don’t interact with strangers online or accept friend requests from people you don’t know.
2. Don’t give any personal information away online, for example, your phone number.
3. NEVER meet up with someone you met online.
4. Stop and think before you access the internet. You don’t want to regret your decisions when it comes to the internet.

How do you who and what to trust online? You don’t. Be careful.


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  1. mrea (1 year ago)

    Love the video. You really can’t trust who you meet on the internet.

  2. janeoc (1 year ago)

    I like this video. It’s simple yet effective. I like the way it shows what might happen but then the girl does the right thing and says no to meeting the stranger. Well done to all involved. Best of luck!

  3. heyitsme (1 year ago)

    Best video I’ve seen so far as it is about a really important and serious issue

  4. markoreilly (1 year ago)

    Really great entry, good idea, storyline and editing and important message. Well done

  5. jackiechan (1 year ago)

    Amazing video, really hope it wins!

  6. abbie18 (1 year ago)

    Wow…loved this video. Really well made and I like the idea behind it. I totally agree that you should never meet someone from offline. Thanks for making this video guys!

  7. clareob (1 year ago)

    I really enjoyed this video. I think it has a good message and shows the dangers of meeting someone online. Well done guys!

  8. tbombelaa (1 year ago)

    My favourite video

  9. cathrinewalsh (1 year ago)

    Definitely one of the best videos here, has a very important message as something like this could actually happen in RL

  10. sam0797 (1 year ago)

    Great video, well edited and interesting

  11. staciesmith21212121212 (1 year ago)

    best video ive watched so far. will definitely going to be more careful as i was always very careless thank you so much for making this i think i will really open peoples eyes to the dangers of the internet. i hop ye win guys as it looks like a lot of effort was put in and they would really learn to be more careful. i think everyone should view this. x

  12. markus (1 year ago)

    The video was really awakening and I’ll be more careful now with who I trust online! Thanks for sharing this and imforming people about the issue.

  13. pete (1 year ago)

    The video is very interesting and there’s a good idea behind it 😉 I really like it

  14. maevestar (1 year ago)

    In my opinion its the best video here as it has a good storyline and good editing while conveying a really important message. You did a good job there guys!

  15. rachelr (1 year ago)

    Nice video, really interesting and awakening! Hope you win, you’d deserve it. Well done

  16. july91 (1 year ago)

    Shocking to see what can happen if you arent careful… great video! Love it

  17. katem (1 year ago)

    Love the video, its really informative and tells us about the dangers that exist on the internet. We should spread it!

  18. heyitslaura (1 year ago)

    This video needs to be spread as it conveys a really important message! Thanks for posting it, its amazing

  19. tashtash (1 year ago)

    what an impressive video guys! fantastic work and effort put in and really highlights how dangerous the internet really is and especially for young vulnerable children. i would highly recommend this video to everyone as i learned a lot from watching it and i was really shocked and woken up from watching it.

  20. lineobrien (1 year ago)

    Hey guys, I really like your video! You’d definitely deserve to win

  21. billymurphy (1 year ago)

    great video cool editing;)

  22. aliahmad (1 year ago)

    this video is fair cool i think it should win cause like it shows dangers and stuff

  23. desertron (1 year ago)

    Great to see that teenagers are highlighting such an important issue. Great effort put into this video. Well done guys.

  24. marymary (1 year ago)

    This video portrays the danger of social media these days and is a great example of what kids SHOULD do in this type of situation. i think this should be the winner in my opinion.

  25. hannamurphy (1 year ago)

    Really impressive video! Great message and very informative.

  26. lowlifelukas (1 year ago)

    cool video

  27. aocallaghan (1 year ago)


  28. tbombelaa (1 year ago)

    Great video

  29. mkoc (1 year ago)

    Great video guys. Well done!