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Power off

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This silent short is quite funny and humorous. What are people like who are stuck into their phone? They miss experiences. They put themselves in danger. Some situations are funny – but there is a much deeper message here. Be aware of the use of your phone, Don’t always use your phone, Enjoy our video!

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  1. fionamckeown (7 years ago)

    Well done guys! Great vid

  2. soins (7 years ago)

    a very nice video

  3. loudaly (7 years ago)

    The humour – had me in stitches – but also has me thinking…is this how I behave?

  4. bbbbbb (7 years ago)

    fantastic video. well done!

  5. friuro (7 years ago)

    Grande Mattia saluti da tutti noi compreso Spanky

  6. fast (7 years ago)

    nice guys!

  7. vitagrammi (7 years ago)

    always nice this video!

  8. nadia75 (7 years ago)

    Very good!

  9. mariaking (7 years ago)

    Very witty and engaging well done

  10. match559 (7 years ago)

    Fantastic, so funny

  11. nadia75 (7 years ago)

    Bravi ragazzi !!

  12. unamck (7 years ago)

    Well done lads! Fantastic video. The idea of silence is brilliant. The video is so funny, has a fabulous concept and a very important message. Brilliant!

  13. ellagxox (7 years ago)

    Really goodf message considering it was given in silence!

  14. vitagrammi (7 years ago)

    Fantastic video! Good stuff!

  15. marco63 (7 years ago)

    Ottimo lavoro ragazzi

  16. farinathebest (7 years ago)

    Very good, well done lads

  17. arima (7 years ago)

    Amazing video with a strong and importen message!!!

  18. annarossibek (7 years ago)


  19. martinacarbo (7 years ago)


  20. marosh68 (7 years ago)

    Great video shows how people are constantly stuck on their phones while life goes on around them. The art of conversation is lost 🙁

  21. nardmetiu (7 years ago)

    very nice idea. I like the scene of the dog, it’s so funny

  22. vitagrammi (7 years ago)

    i find it very funny but with a big message anyway. well done!

  23. mattianardon (7 years ago)


  24. labhaoiseuidalaigh (7 years ago)

    The silence is a message in itself. Well done!

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