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SCAMOUFLAGE: The Cyber Parasite

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In a world where opinions blind us from the facts, it is up to each of us to differentiate between them as the world develops digitally. It is easier than ever to be exposed to all sorts of deceptive media from your fake friends to fake organisations, to fake videos and fake stories. The media is evolving and in this dense jungle of fraud and trickery, it is more important than ever before to know how to spot the facts and disregard the fiction.. The easiest way for each of us to do so is by spreading awareness and educating others.

In this video, we dive a little deeper into the world of digital fraudulence and misinformation to uncover the best ways to spot real from fake…

Icons- Png Egg
Music- Royalty free (Blue City Lights)
Additional Footage- Pixabay, pexels

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